Refer a Patient

Refer a Patient

Cascadia Cataract Consultants (CCC) provides a service designed for optometric physicians and their surgery patients entrusted to our care. We have constructed an efficient referral system to ensure cohesive and seamless co-management of care throughout the process of each patient’s cataract surgery.

Referring a patient is simple and quick:

Call your friendly co-management liaison at 360-755-3880, who will walk you and your patient through the entire process, offering fast-tracked scheduling, follow-up charting and referral paperwork, and answering any questions you may have.

What your patient can expect from CCC:

  1. Our co-management liaison will greet your patient with a warm welcome and assist them throughout the process of cataract surgery.
  2. Patients will have one* cataract consultation with our surgeon and pre-surgical staff, who will take care of all pre-surgery details, saving the patient’s time.
    • At the cataract consultation appointment, the surgeon thoroughly examines the health of your patient’s eye and inspects their cataracts, and our highly trained team takes measurements and performs a microscopic analysis of the eye to determine surgery strategy.
    • The surgeon then discusses the patient’s hopes for their surgery outcome and asks questions about their lifestyle and vision needs. With this information, the surgeon recommends an IOL that creates the best benefit for each patient’s specific needs.
      1. If a standard IOL surgery is selected, surgery is scheduled within 2-4 weeks.
      2. If a premium (presbyopia-correcting IOL or toric) IOL is selected:
        • An iLUX procedure is performed at this cataract consultation appointment. Measurements are scheduled three weeks after their iLUX treatment.
        • Surgery is scheduled 1-2 weeks after their measurement appointment.
  3. Following surgery, the patient sees their CCC surgeon for a one-day post-op meeting to check the patient’s eyes and surgical outcome.
  4. At this point, our time with your patient comes to an end. We wish them all the best, transferring their care back to you. We are committed to returning all patient documentation to their primary optometric physician in a timely manner.

* There may be occasional circumstances where more than one appointment will be necessary.

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