iLUX Treatment

iLUX Treatment

iLUX is a quick, in-office treatment which allows your Cascadia Cataract Consultant (CCC) professional to pre-emptively treat dry eyes, which commonly happen with cataract surgery. The iLUX treatment, when given before a surgery, has been proven to increase patient comfort, enhance life-long eye health and improve surgical outcomes.

Why iLux?*

The iLUX treatment is primarily given to treat dry eye caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). However, our doctors have decided to include iLUX treatments with premium cataract surgeries–and suggest it for all cataract surgeries for two reasons: 

  1. Many patients experience dry eyes after cataract surgery. The iLUX procedure helps to reduce these symptoms, leading to a more comfortable post-operative experience for each patient.
  2. Treating patients’ eyelids with an iLUX treatment three weeks prior to taking the needed custom measurements for a premium toric or presbyopia-correcting IOL results in better quality measurements, aiding in the best post-operative results.

*See below for cost.

Close-up photo of an eyeball

What does iLUX do?

Cascadia Cataract Consultants’ professionals use the iLUX device to express patients’ blocked meibomian glands, providing gentle heat and compression to clear blockages and keep them functioning as they should. This both treats MGD and prevents it from getting worse, keeping eyes healthy and preventing the disease from progressing.

What is my cost?

iLUX is not covered by insurance, and costs $495 for both eyes. Cascadia Cataract Consultants includes iLUX treatment with toric and premium presbyopia-correcting IOLs implants, but patients will be responsible for iLUX treatment payments if they select a standard cataract implant surgery. Patients are welcome to have the treatment but will be responsible for the cost.

We work with a company, Care Credit, that can help with a payment plan. Please check with your co-management liaison or look online at for details.

What does dry eye feel like?

MGD Symptoms

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